Every Bike in Bristol

An exploration into the relationship between bike and rider. A collection of personal stories and bespoke illustrations to share with the world. A project by a Bristol based; Designer, Tea Drinker and Bike Rider,
Living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Featured at the Bristol Festival of Nature, Bristol Cycle Festival and in Boneshaker Magazine:

“Though each tale is unremarkable – simple sentiments expressed off the cuff, relayed unedited with iffy grammar and haphazard spelling intact – it’s the charm of Chris’s original idea that sings. Anyone who’s let cycling permeate their life will know the nuanced and enduring bond between bike and rider. Every bike tells a story. But to think ‘I’ll collect those stories and share them with the world’, that’s what sets Chris apart. He’s a do-er, an enthusiast – and the world can never have too many enthusiasts”
Boneshaker Magazine